Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is a place to share information on the Electra Voy 88911 electric scooter. This is a fun, but small electric bicycle/scooter made by ElectraUSA. It was sold at Target and auto stores like Kragen, Checker and Shucks. The company unfortunately went out of business in 2005.

This site is a place where other Electra Voy owners can share information, parts, upgrade tips etc.

Did you know, Voy means "I Go" in Spanish? This little bit is tucked away in the manual.

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Technical Specifications
- Motor Specs: Permanent Magnet Brush DC Motor, Rotated Power: 180W, Speed: 290r/min
- Recharge Time for the Battery: 4-6 Hours
- Battery Holds 4-6 Hours of ride Time
- One Full Charge Lasts up to 15 miles (37 miles if optional battery pack is also installed under seat)
- Speeds up to 15 mph on level pavement with 170 lb rider
- Weight of VOY™: 108 lbs
- Classification: Electric bicycle
- Battery voltage: 36V (3X12V)
- Tire size: 16"X2.125"
- Tire PSI: 35
- Single speed drive chain
- Front brake: Rim brakes
- Rear brake: 90mm Band brake

For more specs, see the manual page.